Walking Weekends and Guided Walks

As of July 2012 I decided to do all my outdoor activities through Large Outdoors. I did this because I value the quality and service that Gareth and the team gives all their customers, and I want to be a part of growing the business of Large Outdoors. You can find their events page About Large Outdoors Large Outdoors is a nationwide outdoor pursuits and social group offering you the chance to meet new people, try new activities or participate in ones you already enjoy. In 2008, founder Gareth Williams was looking for a walking club or group around Manchester and, while there were plenty to choose from, most seemed a bit too serious for what he had in mind. A day’s walk of 20 miles starting at 8am was not his idea of a good time! Says Gareth: “I wanted to create a nationwide online outdoor group where adults of all ages and abilities could come together and have fun walking outdoors. I didn’t want people to think they couldn’t do it or that it would be too hard for them.” So the real key was that it should be for beginners who want to go walking with a friendly social group where they don’t have to worry about finding a path, reading a map or taking a compass bearing. When people first come, they might think 5 miles is a very long walk, but with a welcoming group and a relaxed pace they are pleasantly surprised to find that they can do a lot more – and that they enjoy it! As the idea has grown, so has the range of activities on offer. Large Outdoors is expanding across the UK, with events in more and more areas, all run by experienced and qualified leaders who are there to help you get the most out of your chosen activity. You can now try kayaking, abseiling, climbing, mountain biking, camping, coasteering or diving, as well as a range of walks to suit all tastes and abilities. We also want Large Outdoors to be a place where you will meet some great new people as you enjoy our events. Many of our ‘regulars’ have become friends – in fact two ladies who met on one of our walks two years ago are now such good friends that one is going to be a bridesmaid at the other’s upcoming wedding! So try something new – and join us on a social adventure in the Large Outdoors