I want to be more motivated to exercise and lose weight

Here’s a question that I pulled from Yahoo Answers that typifies why I put this program together:

“How can I get the motivation to exercise?
I seem to go back and forward from being good and regular with exercising,
but then lose all willpower and stop, only starting again when I look and feel awful.
I have to get myself out of this cycle, how do you motivate yourself?”

In fact, a search on Yahoo Answers for ‘Motivation and Exercise’ brings up well over 4000 results. It seems that there are many, many people wanting or needing to be more motivated.

Are you one of them?

The Problem?

Not enough motivation to get, or do, or have what I want.
Swinging back and forward between periods of motivation and ineffectiveness/lazyness.
Not being consistent enough to get results/not sticking to your diet or exercise program.
Never getting more muscular or more ripped.

The Solution?

Train your mind and your body to be ‘naturally motivated’.

What’s the one thing that separates those dedicated individuals who seem to be ‘naturally motivated’  from those who struggle to get moving?

It’s not laziness, it’s not being a bad person, it’s not being a slob, it’s not being overweight or tired, or exhausted, or overworked. It’s not about any of those things.

It’s what they’ve trained themselves to do.

It’s about the way that they manage their brain and, by extension, their life. Get your brain in the right mode and motivation will follow, naturally.

Now, I have  experience of both sides of this story, so when people talk about being de-motivated, I get it, I know how cr*p it is.

I know what it’s like to suffer from a lack of motivation, and I know what it’s like to feel so totally motivated that you know nothing is going to stop you.

What fascinates me (and the reason I have put this course together) is what it is that causes us to be motivated, or de-motivated, what is it that makes us operate one way or the other, in other words;

What is it that can make someone motivated in one way, but totally slow, unproductive and ineffective in another?

And, more importantly, what can YOU do about it?

The answer is everything. Why?

Because motivation is totally trainable. That’s right, just like I did, YOU can learn how to become ‘naturally motivated’.

OK, this sounds good. How much does it cost and how do I get hold of it?
You can find this program at the bottom of the pagand it only costs £10! (was £62!, price reduced for limited time only)
Or you can click the ‘buy now’ buttons at the bottom of this page…

Do you want to know my story about how I became naturally motivated?

It starts, as most things do, back when I was younger. I was not what you might call a good student; I didn’t really apply myself at school, only got reasonable results and went off to college not having a clue about what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’!

I realise this is not that abnormal, there are few people who are able to apply themselves at school despite not enjoying what they’re learning, but within this is one of the secrets of true motivation.

One thing that I know was pretty unusual was the amount of homework I managed to get away with not doing; I think that I only ever did one real piece of homework the entire time I was at school (I did go to a pretty low standard school, only 8 people in my year actually got A – C in maths and science!).

I remember only really applying myself to one subject, Geography, and guess which subject was the one that I got an A grade in?

You got it, Geography.

What was it about this subject that made me actually do some work?

Well, there were two factors:
1: The teacher was passionate about his subject AND knew how to bring that out of his students.
2: I naturally enjoyed Geography.

But having enjoyment without a good teacher would have left me with the result I got in the other two subjects I enjoyed, Science and Physical Education (a B grade). It was the combination that made the difference for me, and this would be reinforced a two years later when studying Geology at college, where I got an E grade, despite hugely enjoying the subject, I had a teacher that sucked and I didn’t want to work for her.

Speed forward a couple of years to university and the problem still persisted at Uni; I managed to get through it and get my degree, but it wasn’t quite to the best of my abilities and my grade was representative of that. I was still doing the old ‘initial burst of energy, followed by a slump’. I would get my assignments and feel really motivated about going away and doing a good job, jump straight into the library and start my research, and that was about as far as it got until deadline day approached. And what did I do then?

I rushed and crammed and just scraped by. I can safely say (as I sit here at my computer in the evening, happily working away, having worked on this motivation project consistently for about 2 years) that I don’t have this problem any more.

Now, the weird thing about all this academic de-motivated’ness is that the whole time I was studying (or, more appropriately, not studying) was my levels of exercise. I never stopped exercising regularly.

Let me repeat that;

Whilst I could be de-motivated in studying, I was always massively motivated in exercise and fitness. In the whole time I have been involved in sport and fitness (starting from about 13 when I first took playing Rugby Union seriously) I have never once suffered a loss in motivation toward training for some specific goal. The goals have changed, and have changed massively, but I have been completely consistent.

How do I explain this now?

It’s actually quite simple. I have trained myself to function in EXACTLY the same way when it comes to work and learning as I function with my exercise. I have done this deliberately, and I have done this in a way that is truly repeatable (I know this as I have also done it with many others in my hypnotherapy and personal training practice).

So now I want YOU to experience this same level of consistency and motivation in your life.

Just picture for a moment how different you would look if you were able to stick to a program?
And how good you would feel if you got that body you desired?
Then finally notice how good it would be to hear all those compliments about your results….

This is what you get when you are consistent.